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President’s Message – October 2019

Fall is definitely in the air and it brings a series of popular GHCC programs including the Wine Social, Fall Book Sale and the Children’s Hallowe’en Party. The Wine Social is our second major fundraiser of the year (after the Rummage Sale) and Christy Mackey and her team have been working hard to organize a first-class celebration. For many women in our community, it’s a rare opportunity to dress up but I want to reassure all the men that they do not need to wear a tie!  The Wine Social is on Saturday October 19and is a chance to sample some first-rate wines with your friends and neighbors.  Buy your tickets at the Hansgrill as soon as they come on sale in early October.

October’s Tuesday Talk is scheduled for October 8 and is titled “News about Glysophate – what UW’s New Research Reveals.” Glyphosate has received considerable media coverage and is a compound widely used in local forestry practices. Our speaker, Dr. Lianne Shepherd, is a highly respected scientist at the University of Washington. Her presentation is educational in nature. GHCC’s goal is to provide everyone with the latest science and decide for themselves about the risks posed by exposure to different levels of glyphosate.

We want to remind those of you with small children to visit our Hallowe’en Party on Thursday, October 31. Stay warm and dry and watch the kids enjoy the games and earn candy as prizes.  While Hallowe’en is not popular with dentists, everyone needs to let their hair down occasionally.

 At the end of July, we held a beach party to benefit GHCC’s Endowment Fund.  The weather was mild, the company was excellent and the Wine and S’mores were delicious. For the benefit of new readers, we are building an Endowment Fund to provide a stable, source of income to support Center operations each year. To date we have raised $200,000 of our $500,000 goal. We are very grateful for the generosity our donors.