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Presidents Message August 2019

On our national birthday, GHCC held one of the best-attended July 4 Breakfasts in recent memory. Thanks to a combination of signage, posters and on-line publicity over 370 people showed up including visitors from as far away as Hawaii, Arkansas and Illinois. Congratulations to Jane Jacobs and Pat DuVall and their large team of willing helpers. We also wish to thank the Hansgrille for helping us to store supplies.

The main event in August is, of course, the August 10 and 11 Rummage Sale, which is our principal fundraiser.  It serves a valuable function by making quality second-hand goods available at rock bottom prices. The Sale is amply covered in the Log so I won’t belabor the topic, except to say that it would not be possible without a large team of volunteers. Around 200 people assisted in last year’s Sale.

I am appealing for a couple of volunteers to help with two important programs.  The first is Furniture Pick-up Coordinator for the Sale, a job requiring several hours a month between February and August. The Coordinator receives phone calls or emails from people wishing to donate furniture and/or major appliances and screens them for inclusion in the Sale.  A cell-phone photo assists enormously in this regard. Remember, we cannot accept furniture made of particle board. The Coordinator arranges for pick up and transport to the Norwegian Point Park Boathouse.  Principal qualifications are a strong back and access to a truck of some kind. It is always better for two people to staff a pick up, since the donor may be unable to move the item.

The second program is Coordinator of the Neighbor’s Lunch Program which meets once a month between September and May. Each Lunch is followed by a presentation of around 45 minutes in length. Monthly attendance ranges from 25-50 people. The bulk of the work is arranging speakers on a variety of topics. The Program has a small budget and, fortunately, most people agree to speak at minimal or no cost.  It’s an interesting job which I enjoy very much but I’m pressed for time at the moment. If this type of work appeals to you, contact me at celia.grether@gmail.comor speak to me at the next GHCC event. I’m sure to be wearing my name tag.

I hope that everyone is enjoying our summer weather. Be sure not to miss the Rummage Sale!

Celia Grether