‘Tuesday Talks’ a regular series of lectures and presentations brought to our community by Annette Wright.  Look for new and interesting topics, offered on a monthly basis except in the summer months.  Suggested topics are always welcome, and you can contact Annette by email using the using the Contact Us form on this website. Please include the phrase ‘Tuesday Talks’ in the first sentence of your message.  Thanks for your interest in Tuesday Talks.

October 8 — 6:30 pm — Glyphosate News

Our speaker will be Dr. Lianne Sheppard, Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences and of Biostatistics at the University of Washington, Seattle. You may submit questions in advance of the Talk, and these will receive priority. Please keep questions short, ask for information or clarification only, and you must include your full name.  Write ghccprez@gmail.com. Note earlier start time.