February 17, 2024, 1:00 pm in the GHCC Main Hall


Conventional racers (Non-Bling Classes)

  • Class 1–Ages 3 to 8: Must use 4 standard “Boy Scout” type wheels. Race car can weigh no more than 6 oz. Racer must meet dimen­sional spec’s below.

  • Class 2–Ages 9 to 12: Must use 4 standard “Boy Scout” type wheels, but the wheel rolling surface can be modified, however no modifi­cation to wheel hub area. Racer can weigh no more than 6 oz. and must meet dimensional spec’s below.

  • Class 3–Ages 13 to 16: Must use 4 standard “Boy Scout” type wheels, but wheel can be modified in any way. Racer must not weigh more than 6oz. and must meet the dimensional spec’s below.

  • Open Class–All ages: Racer can use any wheel/axle combination and may use 3 or 4 wheels. Racer can weigh up to, but not more than 8 oz. Racer must meet dimensional spec’s below.

Bling Racers  

  • Bling Class – All Ages: The Bling class is open to all ages and will be judged in two different criteria. The first criteria is speed, just like the other classes.  The second is design, use of decoration, and uniqueness, but they must compete in the speed event to qualify for any award.  For this class the length can be extended to a maximum of 9 inches and the height may be increased to 5.0 inches. Weight can be up to 8 oz. If decorations fall off during a run the race car will be disqualified for the speed portion of the competition, but will still be judged for the “Best Dressed” award. In addition to the other rules changes, the use of wood is optional, and any wheel/axle combination may be used. The “Best Dressed” judging will be done by a panel of volunteer judges who will be asking themselves, “What Would Barbie & Ken Do?”. This can be a really fun class and it gets some good laughs too!

Dimensional Specifications for all classes: (Except the BLING Class)

  • Maximum overall length = 7 inches. Maximum overall height = 3 inches.
  • Maximum overall width = 3.0 inches. Minimum ground clearance = 1/4 inch.

General Rules:

  • All race cars must be made of wood (Except Bling Class) but can be decorated and weighted with any material. Axles can be made of any material. Axle lubrication is allowed in all classes. Bal­last weights must be built into the racer or permanently attached. Ballast weights may not be changed to compete in different classes.
  • All racers must have the owner’s name, age, and class marked on the bottom of the racer.
  • All racers must be checked in at the time of entry. From that time forward only race coordinators will be allowed to touch the race cars. If a race car is damaged during a race the owner may attempt repairs only at the designated repair bench under the supervision of a race coordinator.
  • The race track will be approximately 32 feet in length and will have an approximate vertical change of 5 feet. The last 16 feet of the track will be level. The cars are guided down lanes that are approximately 3.25 inches wide with outer curbs that are approximately ½ inch tall. All racers will be started by a race coordinator who will lower the starting gate manually.

Entry Fees

  • There are no entry fees, however donations are welcome.


  • GHCC has car kits available for $6.00 each. These kits are by Maximum Velocity and are very well made. You can also find kits online and sometimes at local craft stores.  If you have any questions, suggestions, would like to purchase a car kit, or would like to volun­teer to help with this event please contact  our race coordina­tor, Chuck Strahm at 949-338-8423 or at