7 p.m., December 3


It’s a good time to take a brisk walk in the woods. And if you do, watch your step!  There is plenty of life flourishing at your feet and it’s just as fascinating at the flora and fauna above. 

“A Walk On The Forest Floor” is this month’s Tuesday Talk. Your guide will be John Williams, founder and publisher of Salish Magazine, a beautiful and informative online, quarterly publication on the natural world that’s going into its second year (salishmagazine.org).

You might be astounded to know that without mushrooms, there would be no woods.  Our common trees, such as Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar and Maple, depend on certain nearby mushrooms to get the nutrients they need to grow.

The forest floor is home to some wondrous animals, such as the tiny but potentially toxic yellow-spotted millipede, so keep your distance.  This abundant critter eats up to fifty percent of the dead leaves and conifer needles littering the ground, making it vitally important to the forest ecosystem.

“There is so much chomping and munching going on in the forest’s old woody debris, if we could hear it, we’d run for our lives!” says Williams. “But if it wasn’t going on, the woods would be a gigantic rubble pile.”

Williams will also talk about lichens, an important food source and nesting material for many birds and animals, the pure white ghost plant, and much more.

***If possible, please bring a can or two of food or non-perishable food items for ShareNet’s Holiday Food Drive.

Annette Wright