OCTOBER 22 – 28, 2020

Reserve your spot!  SEVEN days in a row to choose from!  SIX hours each day.  A full hour reserved for you and four others in the entire West Room at GHCC to browsefor your collection of winter reading.  Many books are brand new at Book Sale prices!

Link to calendar of Book Sale Reservations

CHILDREN’S BOOKS:  Instructional for primary grades.  Creative activities.  Many like-new books originally priced at $9.95 – $13.95 and up.  Book Sale priced at $0.50 to $1.00 for most books.
NEW ARRIVALS:  A selection of many quilting needle point, and crafts.  Many new novels.
MORE DVD’S than ever before, both MOVIES and TV series.  Only $1.00 per disc. A wide selection of AUDIO BOOKS and GREAT COURSES on CD are only $o.50 per disc.
Contact Info:
email howieandalix@centurytel.net
or call 360-638-2950