Pour yourself a cup of strong English tea or a pint of Guinness on April 13 at 7:00 pm and join Lenore Lynch and Shirley Kaltenbach for a virtual trek through the Cotswold region of the English countryside by clicking on this link right before the event.

Couples, Lenore and Don and Shirley and Chuck, avid hikers, began their nine-day self-paced hiking adventure just after Labor Day, September, 2019.  A travel company customized their itinerary and provided route maps, pre-booked accommodations, luggage transfers and emergency support.

The Cotswold region is famous for its rolling hills and quintessential stone houses with colorful gardens. The couples chose this trip because they enjoy seeing a region on foot and making memories from their own explorations.  The extensive trail systems of the English National Trust make the region very accessible to the hiker. On a typical day, these hikers might stop for a midmorning scone with cream at a tea shop before resuming their route.  On a particularly strenuous day, lunch and a nap in a field might be in order. The end goal of each day’s efforts was to arrive at their lodging before dark with time to explore the village or town and enjoy some regional specialties at a local restaurant or pub.  When they completed the walking-portion of the trip, the couples boarded the National Railroad for the city of Bath, a travel destination in Britain since Roman times. During their visit there, they were lucky to happen upon the fun and flair of the annual Jane Austin Festival. Jane Austin publicized the lively Bath social scene in her first novel in the late1700’s.      

Lenore and Shirley share this trip as a series of images and accompanying stories presented in the form of an ABC/Alphabet book.  They hope you will join them.  Click on this link to join the webinar at 7 pm on April 13.