Valentines Dinner    (February 14, 2022)

We are hoping that this is our entry back into fundraising events at GHCC. This event is still in the planning stage but the day is set for Valentine’s day 2022. To honor our favorite Valentines, Lady & Tramp, we will be serving spaghetti and meatballs, along with a green salad, roasted root veggies, bread sticks, and a yummy dessert.

Pinewood Derby      (February 12, 2022 Workshop & February 19, Race Day)

This is a great event for families and kids. We have car classes for all ages and really encourage Moms & Dads to get involved and build their own tiny racers to help show the kids how it’s done. These are great family activities.  We have PWD kits available for just $5.00 each. Contact Chuck Strahm @ 360.638.2882

Here’s one from Hairy and Dave on Hood Canal Drive, “Howdy Hans! We were wondering if sasquatch ski? And if they do, is it a big sport around here? The reason we ask is because Dave says he saw Santa Squatch dressed in a red suit skiing down Old Hansville Road, and I say it was just a really big guy, yes, he was on a sled…pulled by eight giant basset hounds, not jackalopes! So which is it? Santa Squatch: fact or fiction?”Howdy Hairy and Dave! I can answer the Santa Squatch question once and for all –in just five words: Santa Squatch is my second cousin (twice removed)! Lily inherited this time-honored logistics job from her Great-Aunt Rose. She started as a stable hand on Rose’s jackalope ranch in 1990, and worked her way up to ferrier. After holding the position of 2nd chair sled driver (and working summers as a brown box van delivery driver), the Pacific NW Squatch council nominated Lily for Lead Sledder of the Pacific NW Santa Squatch Continuum. Aunt Rose retired in 1999, and Lily took over as ambassador to the Pacific NW coast.The Santa Squatch Fleet doesn’t circle the entire planet in one night, nor do they slide down chimneys! The Santa Squatch United Federation of Delivery Fliers is everywhere! Santa-Lily’s relay covers the coastal Pacific NW from the San Juan Islands to Coos Bay, Oregon.