Greater Hansville Outstanding Citizen Award

The Greater Hansville Outstanding Citizen Award is given to honor an individual(s) or couple whose impact through the years will be recognized and regarded with pride as a role model for the community.  The outstanding citizen is chosen for their definable, exceptional deeds, with which he or she has made the Greater Hansville Community a better place to live.

 Greater Hansville is an amazing place to live and much of that is due to the dedicated people who have contributed greatly to improving our community.  We encourage you to submit a nomination for a citizen you feel has contributed to making this a better place to live.  Nominations for the Greater Hansville Outstanding Citizen will be accepted until March 1st and must be submitted via a written application form and mailed to the Greater Hansville Community Center P.O. Box 133 Hansville, WA  98340.

 Criteria for Nominations:

  1. An Individual must be a full or part-time resident of Greater Hansville. Couples may be nominated as well as individuals. An individual who meets the criteria but has passed away during the previous calendar year may also be nominated. The Greater Hansville Area defined as the area of North Kitsap that lies north of Delaney Rd on the east side of Hansville Rd and north of Little Boston/Cliffside Dr. on the west side of Hansville Rd.
  2. Individual(s) has clearly enriched life within the Greater Hansville Community.
  3. Individual(s) has clearly shown a willingness to work with other Greater Hansville residents.
  4. Individual(s) who has demonstrated exceptional commitment, service, creativity, cooperation or leadership.
  5. Nominee may not be a current member of the Board of Directors for the Greater Hansville Community Center or a past winner of the award.
  6. If in any given year, no applications are received or if no outstanding candidate is nominated, the award may be withheld.

List of past award winners.

Nomination form.

Updated 1/2020