Welcome to the On-line Hansville Rummage Sale.

 Who is eligible to purchase? If you have arrived at this web page, you are eligible to purchase. And so are your friends, whether or not they received the email pointing to this web page.

What is for sale? We have selected a variety of items to be included. See the items by clicking on the categories shown at the right.

How to buy? Note the item number that you would like to buy. Either send an email to rs2020@dmjweb.net or leave a voice mail at (360) 638-1143 with the item number and your contact information. Multiple requests for an item will be resolved by order of contact message.

Right of refusal? All purchasers will be given an opportunity to inspect the item that they have selected before purchase. Because of Covid, we require that these inspections be scheduled. If a scheduled inspection is missed by more than 15 minutes and more than one buyer has expressed interest, the next person on the list of interested parties will be notified.

Payment? The posted sales prices are not negotiable. Payment must be made with cash or check. 

Merchandise Pickup? All purchases must be picked up within 48 hours of payment.  GHCC will not provide delivery service.  

Warranty / Returns? There are no warranties provided of any type. Returns may be considered within 24 hours of purchase on a case by case basis. If approved monies will be returned.