Rummage Sale Drop Off Dates – 2019

On all Rummage Sale drop off days in 2019, both the GHCC Annex building and the Norwegian Point Park Boathouse will be open and staffed from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Large or heavy items such as furniture, boats, and bikes should be taken directly to the boathouse, located at the waterfront, in Hansville, next to the Hansville Grocery/Hansgrill.  All other items should be taken to the GHCC Annex, which is located on the north side of the Greater Hansville Community Center at Buck Lake Park.  Please follow signs to the park.  There will be volunteers at each location to help you unload your items.

March 9
Think about  spring cleaning Second Saturday
April 13 Serious spring cleaning time! Second Saturday
May 18 Check garage & shed for tools Third Saturday
June 15 Only 1 more drop off before SALE Third Saturday
July 20
This is it! Last drop off before SALE Third Saturday

Can you help us out by asking a friend, neighbor or family member with a truck to give you a hand delivering your items to the boathouse or Annex?  We have volunteers able to help once you get your treasures here.  A few helpers have trucks and on occasion can pick up but they’re volunteers and not always available.  If you have spare time and a truck or just want to give a hand with pick ups (usually 2 people go) that just can’t be delivered, please let Howie or Connie know!  We’ll add you to our call list and if you’re available let us know!  Thank you!  It feels good to help people out. Check the Log for contact information.