February  19 at 7 p.m. at the Greater Hansville Community Center, Buck Lake Road.

TV personality and superb storyteller and humorist Dorothy Wilhelm tackles some of the more persistent Northwest legends to discover how they got started and if they are true tales—or tall tales.

Wilhelm gathered these intriguing stories while hosting and producing a TV program “My Home Town.”  “Over the course of a decade with the show, we were on location with our TV crew in more than one hundred Puget Sound towns,” she says. And everywhere she went, people had interesting local legends to share.  So Wilhelm started fact-checking and writing up the results.

Find out what really happened to the Longmire Party while crossing the Cascades. Why do the residents of Bonney Lake insist that Big Foot howls some nights, keeping them awake.  What Steilacoom mansion is haunted by its first owner?  Was Camp Harmony a truly happy place during World War II? Are there giant octopuses living under the Tacoma-Narrows Bridge? What are clay babies of Fox Island? Why did some people want the mysterious dark tower in Orting torn down?

What fun! Come to be entertained and for the delicious popcorn.