7 p.m., Greater Hansville Community Center

 Those haunting calls, those yellow, unblinking eyes, the sudden whoosh they make as they glide invisibly in the dead of night, it’s no wonder owls have been feared and revered for ages, surrounded by superstition and myth.  Are they wise? That’s not something owl expert Paul Bannick, our November speaker, is apt to know. Are they smart? Not nearly as clever as crows, but much more loved and intriguing.

A naturalist, wildlife photographer, and the author of two best-selling owl books, Bannick’s work has been featured in the Seattle Times, Audubon, The New York Times, Sunset, and many other publications. He has appeared on NBC Nightly News, King 5, and NPR programs, including Travels with Rick Steves.

We are excited to have Kitsap resident Bannick as our guest this month. He’ll be presenting a new program featuring video, sound, and stories from the field and some striking new images.

 Bannick has traveled all over North America for more than ten years, waiting patiently in rough conditions in remote regions hoping for the perfect shot and recording the behavior of all 19 North American species. The result is an astounding collection of rare and intimate owl photographs and an in-depth knowledge of the daily lives and habitat of these beautiful creatures, many of which live right here in our state.

You’ll learn how owls advertise for mates–from simply toots and trills to impressive sky dances.  Why do most nest in woodpecker-made cavities?  How do they raise their young, hunt, and survive our winters? 

 One of the owls Bannick is sure to focus on is the Northern Pygmy Owl, shown here, an aggressive, sparrow-sized bird with large feet and big eyes relative to its size, the better to catch prey. It has false eye spots at the back of its head to confuse predators and a long tail that it uses like a rudder. 

 Bannick, an active conservationist, is always eager to share his knowledge.   His philosophy is, “We only protect what we love, and we only love what we know.”  He wants as many people as possible to know, love and protect these glorious birds.  

 Please join us for a fascinating, entertaining evening you won’t easily forget.  Paul Bannick will bring signed copies of his books, which would make terrific holiday gifts.